About Us
We Train Peoples, Simplify Processes and Apply Technology
Who We are

Iverson is the first Microsoft Technical Education Center in Indonesia established in 1997.

Our focus is to train and develop IT professionals to be equipped both technical skill and soft skill. We believed that technology plays an important role in modern businesses. Nowadays, Information Technology had been widely applied to every business' areas including Sales/Marketing, Operations, budgeting and Forecasting, also Supply Chain to Manufacturing Operations.

Iverson provides Learning for most of industries including (a) BANKING, (b) INSURANCE, (c) LEASING, (d) RETAIL, (e) DISTRIBUTION, (f) PROFESSIONAL SERVICES, (g) PROJECT BASED, (h) both Discrete/Process MANUFACTURING,

also, provides Coaching, Supports and Implementation of Business Management Solutions for various business industries Sectors including:

Iverson is committed to give proper skill and knowledge for our clients to make sure that technology contribute its maximum value to the business.

Contact us for further information on how do we help following clients, like Poultry, Fishery, Battery Manufacturer, Project based Interior, Office Furniture, Chairs and Hospital Bed, Telco Operator, Two/Four wheels spare-parts distributors, Logistics, Optical Cable Manufacturing, Lubricants Manufacturer, Data-Center, and many more.



  We believe

Information Technology

is Key

for every Business

to Success



To Be a Leading, Competitive and Trusted Solution Provider 

With GOOD People, GOOD Knowledge, GOOD Manner to provide Clients with Low Risk, Quality of Clients
GOOD People
Develop a GOOD People with series of soft skill knowledge to serve Clients for the Lower Risk and Quality of Work
GOOD Knowledge
to Equip latest technology and product knowledge to serve clients with the Quality
GOOD Manner
Continue Build a GOOD Manner to better serve Clients
Dynamics Coaching Clinic
In a reality, in event we have concluded the design of Business Management Solution, and implemented well, but we might still have issues for the operation matters.

We provide a free half a day coaching clinic for your challenges in Microsoft Dynamics by appointment. So please contact us now