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Stay Productive with Microsoft Teams
20th March 2020
#DiRumahAja dan tetap produktif bersama Microsoft Teams!Dengan membuat Teams tersedia untuk semua orang, kami bermaksud mendukung keamanan dan kesehatan publik dengan menjaga terhubungnya tim ketika bekerja dari jarak jauh.Yuk, saatnya #KerjaCaraBaru bersama Microsoft Teams!Demi kelangsungan bisnis Anda, kami telah menghadirkan uji coba 6 bulan gratis untuk
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Intelligent Security for The Modern Workplace
12th February 2020
Imagine if you could automatically identify sensitive data, eliminate passwords, detect, isolate and remediate a compromised endpoint from a single location, and gain immediate insights into your security posture. Thanks to Azure Advanced Threat Protection, PT. Iverson Technology can empower you to do all of this and more. Subscribe Now!Click here to downloa
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Modernize your ERP with a multi-tiered deployment for Operations Finance
11th February 2020
A multi-tier ERP is a preferred model for many businesses. With it, you can leverage the benefits of multiple ERP solutions. For instance, if one ERP solution offers a specific capability but would be expensive to run all of your ERP needs, you can leverage another ERP solution that can handle other tasks more affordably. At
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Dont let Cloud Security fall through the cracks
10th February 2020
Security is a group effort. This collective aspect is what has allowed us to achieve effective systems that keep organizations protected as technology and its associated threats continue to evolve. However, this shared effort also creates a shared responsibility when security breaches do happen. To what extent can your organization be held responsible for b
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The Data Center Isnt Dying But It Is Changing
10th February 2020
The datacenter isn't dead yet. But driven by the increasing complexity of IoT, edge services, and SaaS, datacenters will need to evolve over time. Some experts believe that software-defined datacenters will be the new future. How are you looking to evolve your datacenter? At PT. Iverson Technology, we have industry professionals with years of experience help
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Public ClassTraining Power BI
24th September 2019
TrainingPower BIOct 24th, 2019 Module 1: Introducing Power BILesson 1: Power BI Lesson 2: The Power BI Service Lesson 3: Power BI Mobile Apps Lab: Creating a Power BI Dashboard  Module 2: Power BI DataLesson 1: Using Excel As a Data Source for Power BI Lesson 2: Using Databases As a Data Source for Power BILesson 3: The Power
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Get help with Windows activation errors
22nd October 2018
Having trouble activating Windows 10? Try these steps to resolve activation errors: Confirm that your device is up to date and running Windows 10, version 1607 or later. Learn how to update Windows 10.Use the Activation troubleshooter to resolve simple errors. See the following instructions for more details.If you're still seeing an error, che
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Watch Dynamics 365 for Talent demos
1st October 2018
Help your organization win top talent and set them up for success with Dynamics 365 for Talent. Watch the demo: Optimize the candidate experience throughout your hiring process with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent.
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Learn how to embed PowerApps to a page in Microsoft Dynamics 365.
14th August 2018
Embed PowerApps appsIn Platform update 14, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations supports integration with Microsoft PowerApps, a service for developers and non-technical users to build custom business apps for mobile devices, tablets, and the web without writing code. PowerApps developed by you, your organization, or the broader ecosystem can th
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